HTSL are a trusted supplier of NDT products and radioactive isotopes, our products ensure safety, quality and reliability. Relying on 20 years of experience, we are continuing the development of our product portfolio to drive customers towards the digital transformations required to stay at the forefront.

An unmatched portfolio of NDT solutions

We offer more premium non-destructive testing solutions than any other NDT brand — from safer X-ray, to advanced digital, to ultra-precise computed tomography, to HD remote visual inspection and ultrasonic portables. So you can detect more defects and move your business forward with greater confidence.

Industrial Radiography

QSA Global, Inc. is the original equipment manufacturer of every part that is used in creating our devices. We invest in quality parts and pair it with our technical expertise to ensure everything pieces together perfectly creating high-quality, safe, reliable devices.

Nuclear Medicine

Eckert and Ziegler Isotope Products (EZIP) offers a full range of Flood Sources, PET Sources, Specialized SPECT Sources and Multimodal Sources to meet the needs of Nuclear Medicine departments worldwide. EZIP is dedicated to serving the marketplace with high-value quality products safely constructed and delivered on time through a quality system founded on customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.

Digital Radiography

A world leader in digital imaging systems and solutions for non-destructive testing, Carestream NDT remains at the forefront of technological advancements with our award-winning digital imaging product line backed by a global team of NDT industry leaders in product development and customer service.

Industrial Videoscopes

Highest Image Quality & Light Output, Better Inspection Data, Durable Design. Learn More. Our RVI Solutions Are Designed To Increase Outputs and Reduce Downtime With Precision. Safe and Reliable Probes. Inspections Made Simpler. Superior Image Quality

Radiation Monitoring Equipment

A wide range of radiation monitoring equipment is available through from our supplier EcoTest.  Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron monitors.

·       Use of the newest types of ionizing radiation detectors

·       Development of high-tech and ergonomic engineering solutions;

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