979 Crawler Head

The Model 979 crawler head is exclusively designed for use with gamma radiography crawlers containing a Selenium-75 source. It is compatible with (gamma crawler specific) mechanical and electromechanical actuators.

Self propelled pipeline crawlers are inserted into pipelines with inner diameters of 3 in (7.62 cm) or greater to perform panoramic radiography of circumferential welds and the adjacent heat affected areas.

The exposure device consists of a welded stainless steel housing which contains a tungsten shield. It also serves as the Type A storage and transport packaging for the radioactive source. The beam port contains lead to shape the emergent primary beam when the source assembly is in the exposure mode.

Item No. 97900

979 Crawler Head


• Reusable
• Key-lockable storage cover
• Safety
• Stainless steel housing
• Panoramic beam with a variable width of 5° to 90°

Exposure Device: