Black Light Meters


Smooth Filter Glass


Carrying Cart

Analog Black Light Meter

J-221 Analog Black Light Meter

• Accurately measures black light intensity.
• Includes longwave sensor cell, reduction screen contrast filter and extension cord fixture for portable use.
Item No. 9801290003

Digital Black Light MeterDM-365X Digital Black Light Meter

• Accurate digital readout of black light intensity, tuned at 365 nanometers.
• Includes meter and black light sensor.
Item No. 9801290004

100 Watt Bulb100 Watt Medium Basic Bulb

• Replacement for ZB-100 and ZB-100F models.
Item No. 9801290097

Black Light BulbZB-150 FSB Black Light Bulb

• Replacement for ZB-150 model.
Item No. 98012902

Smooth Filter GlassSmooth Filter Glass

• For use with ZB-100 and ZB-100F models.
Item No. 9801290092

• Filter Assembly.
Item No.25891

ZB-100 Transformer

• Transformer with Case.
Item No. 9801290094

Black Light Carrying Cart

Item No. MX280001