ECT Probes

Innovative eddy current probe solutions

Since 1968, Zetec has manufactured over 10,000 different probe designs to meet the constantly changing needs of the nondestructive testing (NDT) market. We offer a wide selection of bobbin probes for quick tubing inspections: X-Probe and CXB array probes to quickly find and characterize all flaws; rotating probes to determine tube sizing or finding flaws in an expansion; probes for testing carbon steel piping; handheld probes for testing turbine blades, welds and more.

Tubing Array Probes

We have a wide range of proven, best in the industry solutions for nuclear and BOP heat exchangers that can reduce overall inspection costs.

Bobbin Probes

We offer the largest selection of proven inspection solutions for oil & gas carbon steel, crud filled heat exchangers for any type of tubing.

Rotating Probes

We feature thousands of the most widely used probes in the industry. Our leading experience is a result of proven success for hundreds of special interest tests.

Handheld Probes

We’ve developed hundreds of proven options to meet customer needs to examine rivets, bolt holes, sheet metal, welds, coating thicknesses and more.

Surface Array Probes

Zetec eddy current surface array probes are specifically designed to solve the inspection challenges companies face everyday. From detecting extremely small defects to inspecting non-flat surfaces and covering a wide area in a single pass.

Calibration Standards

Our design team understands the regulatory requirements for tubing and plate standards to satisfy your inspection needs.

Probe to Instrument Adapters

Our adapters connect a wide variety of probes and instruments to help you get the most out of your inspection inventory.