Flexible Radiation Shielding

T-Flex Lead Free

NPO T-FLEX® is the ALTERNATIVE to lead product without the associated hazard

NPO T-FLEX® is available with the follow product materials Tungsten/Bismuth/Iron


Do not hesitate to contact us to define the right product to your need !

T-Flex Ribbon

T FLEX® Ribbon is THE versatile product, its high flexibility enable to be spiralled wrapped around components for quick “hot spot” solution. It can be cut using typical cutting.

T-Flex Tube Shielding

T-FLEX® tube shielding is the ideal solution for pipe shielding. Its conception enables a simple and quick installation. Engineered to limit weight limitation while maximizing attenuation.

The dose will be significantly reduced compare to a lead blanked!




T-Flex Blankets

T-FLEX® blankets are an ALTERNATIVE to lead blankets. its have a similar attenuation but without its hazard.

It is a LEAD FREE product!

T-FLEX® blankets are highly flexible which enables to wrap them easilly around a pipe.

T-Flex Tiles

T-FLEX® Tiles are designed to provide economical and ergonomic solutions for shielding sources below. Each tile combines the attenuation properties of T-Flex® with the durability of a work mat. They also can be cut for in field adjustments. The floor shielding features a non-slip diamond tread surface. 



T-Flex Customs

Pipe and Valve Shielding

One of the best applications of T-FLEX® is pipe and valve shielding. This product conforms snugly around a pipe or a valve.  Bringing the shielding as close as possible to the source minimizes the weight of shielding necessary and keeps the immediate area free of obstructions.

We can manufacture to any size or shape.