Centrifuge Tube with Stand
Power Spray Bulb
Continuous Method Test Block
Tool Steel Test Ring
Magnetic Particle Test Bar
Double Braided Contact Pads
Contact Block

Centrifuge TubeCentrifuge Tube with Stand

14A Centrifuge Tube

• 100 ml Centrifuge tube.
• 0 to1.0 ml in 0.05 increments.
For use with 14A, 14AM, and 20B fluorescent materials.
Item No. 9801390001

7C/9C Centrifuge Tube

• 100 ml.
• 0 to1.5 ml in 0.10 increments.
For use with 7C, 9C, and 9CM color contrast materials.
Item No. 9801390003

MG-410 Centrifuge Tube

100 ml Centrifuge tube.
• 0 to 0.2 ml in 0.01 increments.
For use with MG-410.
Item No. 507923

Centrifuge Stand

• Safely holds centrifuge tubes.
Item No. 980139000

Field Indicator

• Rugged, pocket-size meter.
Indicates residual magnetism remaining after demagnetization.
Item No.9801390041

Calibrated Indicator10 Gaus Calibrated Field Indicator

• Highly accurate measurement of residual leakage field after demagnetization.
• Accurate to + 0.3 gauss.
• Scale range of 10-0-10.
Item No.9801390044

Powder Spray BulbPowder Spray Bulb

• Lightweight, easy-to-use spray bulb
• Cap removes for easy filling
Item No. 9801360051

Test BlockContinuous Method Test Block

• Quick, convenient check for proper magnetizing technique on wet horizontal units.
• Crack indication forms on test block if current flow and bath concentration are adequate.
Item No. 9801390043

Test RingTool Steel Test Ring

• Drilled holes simulate subsurface discontinuities.
• Form surface indications at various magnetizing current levels.
Item No. 9801390046

Test BarMagnetic Particle Test Bar

• Contains coarse and fine artificial surface and subsurface defects in both directions.
Item No. 9801390061

Contact PadsDouble Braided Contact Pads

• Heavy copper braid over neoprene base.
• Flexible, provides contact over greater surface area.
• Reversible.

Contact Pad with clip. Clips over headstock of A-915 and MAG Series units.
Item No. 9801390067

Contact Pad with v-block. Includes molded-in v-block for support and alignment.
Item No. 18948

Replacement Pad
Item No. 9801390024

Contact BlockContact Block

• Supplies magnetizing current to remote prods or clamps.
• Permits remote testing of parts.
Item No. 1830