Mobile X-Ray BetatronMobile X-Ray Betatron

The JME Portable Betatron is a compact circular electron accelerator producing a high energy directional X-ray beam.

Containing no moving parts except small airflow fans, and no circulating liquids, the Betatron is easy to assemble, operate and maintain. The Betatron also produces radiographs of very high contrast, sensitivity and resolution, meeting the tightest inspection standards.

• Compact.
• Powerful.
• Mobile.
• 2.5 MeV Output energy.
• Excellent sensitivity and resolution.

Item No. PXB25

Directional X-Ray SystemCP Directional X-Ray System

• 200kV Constant potential directional X-Ray tube.
• AC or Battery powered.
• Highly portable.
• Advanced non-processor based system.
• 13 Minute X-Ray time.
• 60° x 40° Useful beam angle.

Item No. CXT200