The NOVO NDT products family is designed for NDT radiography professionals working in tough field & laboratory conditions.
Our system is located in a Pelican™ Hard Case and includes a Detector, Tablet & Software, Control Box, 40m Comm. Cable or 50m Comm. Cable on a Reel and additional Modules & Cables. The systems can be used in conjunction with our 880 projector series, the NDT systems are also designed to hold a variety of Golden X-Ray Sources – XR150, XR200 and XRS3.

NOVO Discovery Systems

The NOVO Discovery systems provide a complete solution for the NDT radiography professionals as they are specially designed for working in tough field conditions, yet having all the tools required.

NOVO 22 Inspector Systems

NOVO’s Inspector systems provide a lightweight, rugged solution for the NDT radiography professionals working out in the field.

Cabinet + Laboratory Systems

The NOVO Cabinet & Laboratory systems are lightweight, durable configurations that allow for an easy connection to existing X-Ray Cabinet/ Laboratory setups and provide a convenient solution for Digital operation when working in lab or cabinet environments.

  • Supports the operation of NOVO’s 12HRN, 15WN & 22WN Detectors*

  • Wired Communication

  • Synchronization with a variety of X-Ray sources

X-Ray Sources

NOVO’s systems are designed to operate perfectly with Isotopes (e.g. Iridium-192, Selenium-74), Industrial Constant Potential Sources  and with the entire range of Golden Engineering X-ray sources (both old and new generations).

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