Baltospot RangeBaltospot Range

Balteau NDT has developed a wide range of panoramic conical anode and directional portable x-ray generators. These generators are light, rugged and reliable with a heavy duty cycle. They are designed for difficult on-site applications and fit for use from thin aluminum to thick steel parts.

Hand-XCompact Control Desk

The CF2000 is designed to drive the BALTOSPOT and CERAM range. It provides flexibility and wide mains range.

HAND-X Remote Control Unit

Associated with the power control box, the Hand-X is able to operate all the portable units in the BALTOSPOT series.

Baltospot Portable X-Ray Generators

*at a temperature of 85°F (30°C) reduced mA

BaltographBaltograph Range

Balteau NDT is designing and producing a wide variety of constant poential stationary and mobile generators. These units may also drive different tubeheads on a same generator and are designed to comply with the most stringent quality standards.

Constant Potential X-Ray Generators

• 160kV to 225kV.
• Gas insulated.
• High penetration operation.
• High frequency.
• Light and mobile.