HTSL is the appointed service agent for all Sentinel/QSA Global manufactured equipment.

HTSL’s service engineers are trained by QSA or an Approved QSA trainer and are experienced in all aspects of the Sentinel range of gamma radiography equipment to ensure that all equipment is correctly serviced annually, in line with the manufacturers instructions.

It is absolutely essential that all equipment servicing is undertaken using QSA manufactured original parts.

At HTSL only original QSA Global manufactured parts are used.

HTSL can service or arrange servicing of all Sentinel/QSA manufactured equipment.

HTSL’s engineers offer the following services:

•  On site or in house servicing of Sentinel Gamma Radiography equipment (880, 959, 1075, Cobalt-60, Sentry 110 & 330, 680 and 741).

•  In house refurbishment and repair of Sentinel Gamma Radiography equipment (880, 959, controls etc).

•  Supply of new and refurbished Sentinel Gamma Radiography equipment (880, 959, controls etc).

  Hire of Gamma Radiography equipment.

•  Disposal of decayed or redundant sources and equipment.

•  In house project design and manufacture of source containers, jigs and associated equipment.

•  Isotope retrieval training courses, in house or on site.

•  Replacement of sources.

For further information on any of the above services then please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1235 514200 or email