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Survey Meter Calibrator773 Survey Meter Calibrator

The Model 773 calibrator allows for the calibration of a survey instrument without changing its position. It permits the safe, accurate calibration of instruments used for surveying gamma radiation. The calibrator also enables users of dosage-measuring equipment to perform routine checks to meet the regulations of the N.R.C. and Agreement States.

The heavy-duty lead container holds 200 mCi (7.40 GBq) of Cesium-137 encapsulated at one end of a control rod. The source is exposed by raising the source rod. The reading is noted and recorded and the source is returned to the stored position. This reading is checked against the actual intensity.

A built-in tape measure helps determine the distance from the Cesium-137 source to the instrument being calibrated.  padlock prevents unauthorized use of equipment. And, a convenient handle is provided for carrying the calibrator.

Item No. TMN773


• Self-contained.
• Safety.
• Low surface dose rate (< 200 mR/h).
• Convenience.
• Traceable.
• Reliable manual operation.
• Capability.
• Lightweight.