Tracerco’s award winning range of radiation monitors includes both  Intrinsically Safe and standard monitors that can be used to characterise either process or environmental contaminants or measure radiation dose rate.

TracercoThe Intrinsically safe range of radiation monitors function safely in the presence of explosive gas mixtures. The success this range range  was promptly followed by the development of anon-intrinsically safe version of each monitor.  Each product has the same unique functionality and environmental performance. These radiation monitors are used in the Nuclear, Defence, Industrial Research and Educational Sectors.

Lloyds Assessors undertake regular audits of the monitors and servicing business unit to ensure that technical performance and product quality is of the highest standard.

Norm-201NORM GM: Intrinsically Safe Radiation Contamination Monitor

The potential for individual or environmental contamination exists wherever unsealed radioactive materials are being transported or manipulated and might arise in a wide variety of operations relating to Oil and Gas Exploration and Production and Minerals Processing.

The TRACERCO NORM GM is the latest version of the award Winning TRACERCO™ T201 Contamination Monitor. The T201 was the first commercially available intrinsically safe contamination monitor. It combines operational reliability with excellent sensitivity, intrinsic safety, ruggedised construction, making life easier for the worker. This monitor has been upgraded to include some new features to fit within the Tracerco ‘NORM Monitor’ range, but still utilise the same popular detection technology and design.

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dark grey probeNORM Monitor-IS

The TRACERCO™ NORM Monitor-IS is a ground breaking development that is intrinsically safe with dual probe capabilities. For the first time, ausers can monitor wet and dry NORM in a variety of difficult conditions. . Its unique, design includes both scintillator and GM detectors to make it the ultimate tool for obtaining precise NORMmeasurements in areas including:

• Pipeline internals
• External vessel walls
• Wet or sludgy surfaces
• Potentially explosive atmospheres

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T202 Radiation monitor #2T202: Intrinsically Safe Radiation Dose Rate Monitor

In order to measure process level control, fluid separation and non destructive testing, radioactive materials are used routinely in the industry.

To comply with the relevant legislation and guarantee employee protection from exposure, it is essential to carefully monitor and control radiation dose rates. Designed to combine intrinsic safety with ruggedised but lightweight construction, The TRACERCO™ Radiation Dose Rate Monitor includes a number of significant operational features such as personal dose integration and peak dose rate memory.

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t401-altT401: Radiation Contamination Monitor

By combining the same high level of functionality and environmental tolerance typically associated with the T201, this non-intrinsically safe contamination monitor offers a cost effective alternative where intrinsic safety is not a consideration. Detection of radiation contamination in industries such as Nuclear Power, Land Remediation, Medicine and Research and Development is where this instrument is most suitable.

In order to make the lives of employees easier and meet the challenge of combining operational reliability with exceptional sensitivity, the TRACERCO™ T401 Contamination Monitor has been designed with peak reading and a direct surface ability mode.

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t402T402: Radiation Dose Rate Monitor

* Now approved for use on Sellafield Nuclear Site, UK

Providing an alternative to the TRACERCO™ T202 radiation dose rate monitor but retaining the same high level of functionality and robust construction for field operation, this non-intrinsically safe dose rate monitor has been designed for use in a wide variety of industrial applications where individuals are at risk of potential exposure to radioactive materials. As the The TRACERCO™ T402 Radiation Dose Rate Monitor is typically used over extended periods in the field, it has been designed to be lightweight but robust and comfortable. It also incorporates further key operational features such as personal dose integration and peak dose rate memory.

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T404T404: Personal Electronic Dosimeter

Ideal for both radiation specialists and those who infrequently work with radiation every day, the T404 is the easiest personal radiation monitor to read and operate on the market. It’s perfectly safe to use in potentially explosive and challenging environments (Intrinsically Safe), it is robust and reliable and a lot easier to usethan traditional personal radiation monitors.

To ensure simplicity and ease of use, everything on the device has been designed with the user in mind, with the display system showing graph measurements in addition a simple diagram of a man who fills with colour depending on the dose received. Our software interface DoseVision™ has been established to be intuitive to use. Additionally, we have used the values of the  of the plain English Campaign when writing the guide for the device and software.

To get you up and running as soon as possible a quick start manual is also included.

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T406T406: X-Ray Radiation Monitor

With regards to  radiation monitoring, Tracerco has over 50 years’ experience in a wide range of applications. The most recent addition to our award winning range of products is our X ray Monitor which includes intrinsically safe, hand held, and probing monitors.

The TRACERCO™ X-Ray Monitor enables you to quickly detect peak measurement, minimalising your exposure to potential radiation leaks during surveying operations. The T406 X-Ray Monitor is:

Hygienic: Where there is a risk of transmitting a disease through hand contact such as food processing, airport security and hospital environments, the T406 has features such as smooth lines with an easy to clean finish to make it ideal in these areas.

Easy and Safe to Use: Combing a lightweight, convenient to carry design, all of our monitors can be operated remotely in the most challenging and hazardous environments.

Flexible: To ensure it is suitable for use in a wide variety of environments and industries. The T406 incorporates a bespoke water resistant design.

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PED BluePED Blue

The PED Blue is a high quality personal dosimeter, featuring the same design and features as the PED-IS, in a lighter weight, non-IS model. The device can be charged with a direct micro USB connection, giving greater flexibility and removing the need for a charging dock. The PED Blue can also be configured to use either 2 or 4 dose alarm levels, this is customisable through free of charge DoseVision™ software.

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The PED+ can be used as both a PED and a handheld dose rate survey meter. The PED+ also incorporates a number of other additional features including, Bluetooth, GPS and pop-up message alarms.

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