AC YokeAC Yoke

• Yoke: AC 110/60Hz.
• Leg Capacity: 0 to 8 in (0 to 20.32 cm).
• Cord: 13.12 ft (4 m).

AC Yoke
Item No. MP-A-2-S

AC Yoke with Light
Item No. MP-A-2L-S

Y-7 AC/DC Yoke Kit: Includes: Y-7 Yoke, #1 Gray Dry Powder, #8A Red Dry Powder, Scrubs, Powder Spray Bulb, Paint Marker, Wiping Cloth and Instructions.
Item No. 9801310925

Yoke only
Item No. 9801310926

DC YokeDC Yoke

• Battery Powered.
• Portable.
• Removable Cord.
• LED Battery Life Indicator.
• Military Grade Connector.
• Yoke: DC 12v.
• Leg Capacity: 0 to 8 in (0 to 20.32 cm).

DC Yoke
Item No. MP-A-2D-S

Y-8 Battery Powered DC Yoke Kit: Includes: Battery Powered Yoke, Charger, #1 Gray Dry Powder, Powder Spray Bulb.
Item No. 98013112

AC CoilL-10 AC Coil Kit

Includes: L-10 Coil (115 Volt-50/60 Hz), 1 Lb. of #1 Gray Dry Powder, 1 #3A Black and #8A Red Dry Powder, 1 aerosol can of 7HF, 9CM and WCP-2, powder bulb, field indicator, 2 cans SKC-S and instructions.
Item No. 98013111

Coil only.
Item No. 9801310941

Portable Power PackPortable Power Packs

Find surface defects with AC current; switch cable connection to halfwave DC(HWDC) for near-surface flaws.

P-70, 750 Amps
Item No. 9801360016

P-1500, 1500 Amps
Item No. 9801360030