865 Projectors

865 ProjectorThe SENTINEL Model 865 source projector is a Type B(U) package and consists of a stainless steel housing sealed against tampering or the entrance of dirt or water. It is ideal for underwater radiography. The projector has been proven in sea water at depths up to 2000 ft (609 m).

The source is moved from the stored (shielded) position to the exposed position by a pneumatic actuator, producing a directional beam. The actuator automatically returns the source to the stored position in the event of an air line failure. The source projector incorporates a visual indication of source position on the actuating cylinder.

This projector is ideal for the radiography of steel from 1/2 to 2-1/2 in (13 to 64 mm) as well as light alloys over 2-1/2 in (64 mm) thick. Because of its lightweight design, directional beam and high Iridium-192 capacity, the SENTINEL Model 865 is particularly suited to the radiography of pipelines and heavy wall cylindrical vessels such as storage tanks, and power station components.

This projector is available for rental only.

Item No. TEN865


• High capacity.
• Tested for underwater use.
• Compact.
• Self-contained.
• Safety lock.
• Remote control.
• Directional beam.

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