INDUSTREX Chemicals for Automatic Processing

High chemical stability—includes consistent image quality over an extended period of time. Great with automatic processors, providing consistent image quality and ease of use.

INDUSTREX Single Part Developer Replenisher 2x20L

Ideal for 5-minute automatic or 4-minute manual cycles for processing of all NDT films. Single Part Developer Replenisher is an all-in-one developer and replenisher; it is only necessary to add water to the proper dilution.

  • High chemical stability for image quality over time, resistant to aerial oxidation,
  • Strengthened “activation power” allows for fast processing and high productivity
  • Outstanding, consistent image quality—cold (blue) image “tone” and low granularity
  • Reduced environmental impact—lower COD and BOD5 (5-days Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Working strength SG 1.072

INDUSTREX LO Fixer and Replenisher 2x20L

Recommended for all NDT and industrial imaging films. Great for automatic and manual processing, can be used in chemical auto mixers. Reduced environmental impact—lower COD and BOD5 (5-days Biochemical Oxygen Demand), low odor.

  • Designed for use in automatic and manual processing
  • Improved archivability
  • Working strength SG 1.084

INDUSTREX Chemical Kits for Manual Film Processing - A Complete System in a Box

Carestream’s new Odorless Manual Processing Chemical Kits take the guesswork, and the smell, out of manual processing. Each kit is designed with exactly the right amount of chemicals to fill a normal 10-gallon (40L) developer and fixer mobile lab tank system (including stop bath and rinse solution).