HTSL Emergency Storage Pots

The HTSL Emergency Storage Pots are designed specifically to ensure safe containment of a radioactive source in emergency or recovery situations, such as when a source may become disconnected.

The HTSL  Emergency Storage Pot is ruggedly constructed and precision engineered in stainless steel and lead to ensure maximum safety and security in a wide range of applications.

A precision engineered threaded brass cap, knurled for ease of handling, secures the source within the device and a heavy stainless steel cap is locked down with two stainless steel bolts.

Built into the storage pot is a drilled lifting eye to aid handling, handle included. The lifting eye may also be used to secure the lid with an additional padlock.

The Emergency Storage Pot is designed to hold Ir-192, Se-75 and Yb-169 sources on 880 source wires.