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Lead ScreensLead Screens

• Reduces scattered radiation.
• Intensifies image.
• Available in two thicknesses.
• Available in rolls and all popular sheet sizes.

Lead Screen Roll

Lead Screen Sheet

Lead LettersLead Letters & Figures

• 100 Figures per package.
• Available in flat face and deep block.
Item No. TO-6051

Red Case for Lead Figures: 8 in x 12 in (20.32 cm x 30.48 cm)
Item No. 9132901002

SENTINEL Lead Letters & Figures
Item No. R-1

SENTINEL Lead Letters with Case
Item No. R-50

Magnetic Film HolderMagnetic Film Holder

• 50 lb Pull magnet attached through a steel spring arc.
• Useful for curved ferrous based surfaces.
Item No. 91340203

Paddle MagnetPaddle Magnet

• High impact plastic.
• Ring magnet attached to 3 in x 4 in (7.62 cm x 10.16 cm) plastic flap.
Item No. MAG003

Film Image ScalesFilm Image Scales

Transparent scales designed to assist in the sizing of linear and rounded material discontinuities.

• Film Image Scale, 1-IND.
Item No. SCALE001

• Film Image Scale, 1-PL.
Item No. SCALE002

Exposure CalculatorsRadiographic Exposure Calculators

Cobalt-60 & Iridium-192 Exposure Calculator with Leather Case.
Item No. 534

Cobalt-60 & Iridium-192 Cardboard Exposure Calculator.
Item No. 752

Radiation Safety Calculator.
Item No. CAL001