HPX-DR 2329 GK, High-Resolution, Compact Detector

HPX-DR 2329 GK, High-Resolution, Compact Detector

75 Micron: Ultra-high resolution DR for NDT

Building on our broad portfolio of DR technology, Carestream NDT offers a 75 micron DR detector for high resolution image capture in NDT. The HPX-DR 2329 GK is especially designed for aerospace and other industries that require ultra-high resolution for critical defect detection and are looking to integrate DR technology into their inspection capabilities. It is ideal for applications that require the highest resolution possible to meet stringent industry standards.

The HPX-DR 2329 GK uses less dose than film. This decreases shot time and increases throughput rates for more inspections in less time, while still maintaining an optimal level of quality assurance to identify minuscule cracks, porosity, and other defects.

INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software

INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software incorporates image analysis tools, file sharing and storage management features. Our modular architecture is an all-in-one software suite that eliminates the need to purchase add-on modules for both CR and DR image acquisition.

Exposure Interface Box (EIB)

  • Provides a standalone battery powered Wi-Fi access point to the HPX-DR 4336 detector.

Performance Accessories

Optional protective cover for lab use increases detector load limit up to 340 kg. (750 lbs.) and mount kit with pipe cleats to reduce stress on the detector, especially for pipeline imaging.

Features and Specifications

Resolution and Size

  • 100 micron image resolution for optimal image defect visibility
  • Large format 43 x 36 allows for larger parts to be inspected in one shot
  • Lightweight (4.3kg/9.5 lbs.) and slim profile (15.5 mm)

Built for NDT

  • Designed and shielded for NDT applications
  • Protective, weatherproof enclosure for use in harsh environments
  • Close-to-edge imaging maximizes surface area for image capture
  • Robust wireless connectivity for faster image transfer and analysis

Designed for High Throughput

  • The HPX-DR 4336 high-resolution technology reduces exposure time and enables higher throughput.