The NOVO NDT products family is designed for NDT radiography professionals working in tough field & laboratory conditions.
Our system is located in a Pelican™ Hard Case and includes a Detector, Tablet & Software, Control Box, 40m Comm. Cable or 50m Comm. Cable on a Reel and additional Modules & Cables. The systems can be used in conjunction with our 880 projector series, the NDT systems are also designed to hold a variety of Golden X-Ray Sources – XR150, XR200 and XRS3.

NOVO 15 Inspector System

  • NOVO 15WN Detector (9.1” x 11.2” Imaging Area)

  • NOVO Armor 15 Hard Protective Cover

  • Panasonic Toughpad™ FZ-G1 Tablet (10.1″ Display)

  • NOVO Touch Professional Software

  • Wired and Wireless Communication

NOVO 15WN Detector

Storm iM2700 Case

  • Liquid Fire Extinguisher

  • Toy Car

  • Honeycomb Structure

  • Nespresso Machine

  • EOS

  • 25mm Pipe Under Insulation

  • Full Car

  • 25mm Carbon Steel Weld (W13 Less than 1%)