Surface Array Probes

Interchangeable Coil Sets

With Surf-X array probes, users in the field can change a coil set in less than a minute enabling the probe to easily adapt to different materials and surface geometries at the inspection site. Choose the coil set for your specific inspection application:
  • Surf-X Weld Array Probe Coil Set: Innovative and patent pending mix of array and +point coils. The +point coils find indications in the hard to inspect weld toes while the array coils quickly inspect the remaining weld and heat affected zones. Handles have been designed to make inspecting butt and t-welds a breeze.
  • Surf-X Flex Array Probe Coil Set: Flexible probe allowing detailed inspection on all materials and many geometries. Ideal for testing rows of flush rivets, replacing handheld probes. Replace your dye penetrant testing on helicopter spars, train wheels or mining drums.
  • Surf-X Low Frequency Flex Probe: Ideal for testing thicker plates to find both near and far side indications. Can be used with a bend radius of 2 inches or longer.
  • Surf-X Tape Probe: Ideal for testing smooth surfaces and complex geometries such as turbine dovetails. Capable of finding very tiny surface flaws.

Versatile Electronics Module

The Surf-X array probe‘s electronics module and cable design offers breakthrough inspection efficiencies. This component can be used interchangeably across probe coil sets delivering material cost savings after initial purchase. With subsequent Surf-X array probe purchases, the module can be re-used saving time and money.

Detachable Encoder

Surf-X array probes come with a highly versatile, detachable encoder that can connect in multiple locations on both the handle and electronics module providing maximum versatility when it comes to dealing with multiple positions as you probe. For cost efficiency, the encoder can be used and re-used interchangeably with all Surf-X array probe coil sets. With interchangeable electronics module, detachable encoder and coil sets, Surf-X array probes provide flexibility and cost efficiencies like never before.

Wear Surface options

Surf-X interchangeable coil sets come with three wear surface options:
  • UHMW for inspecting small indications on smooth materials.
  • Cloth wear surface for protecting the array coils on smooth or polished surfaces. Ideal for airplane skins or smooth curved surfaces.
  • SuperFabric for protecting array coils on rough surfaces like Butt and T-Welds.
For a lower total cost, excellent data quality and reduced inspection time compared to other methods, consider Surf-X array probes. Cost-effective, highly portable eddy current array solution for surface inspections. When the Surf-X Array Probe is used along with the Zetec MIZ-21C Handheld Eddy Current Instrument, it’s one of the most cost-effective, portable surface array solutions in the market. This solution delivers significant inspection advantages over Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).

Three models to meet your needs and budget

  • MIZ-21C-SF: Single frequency, conductivity
  • MIZ-21C: Dual Frequency, Conductivity, Rotating Scanner
  • MIZ-21C-Array: Dual Frequency, Conductivity, Rotating Scanner, Eddy Current Array (ECA)
For inspection applications that demand highly portable eddy current or eddy current array capabilities, the MIZ-21C is the only choice.

Cost-effective, highly portable surface array solution

When the MIZ-21C is used along with Zetec Surf-X Array Probes, it’s the most cost-effective, portable surface array solution in the market. This solution delivers significant inspection advantages over Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Testing (MT).